ZEISS European Autumn School Lithography Optics

Posted 4 years ago

What is the ZEISS European Autumn School about?

Optics is a key technology with inspiring applications – such as in the production of increasingly powerful microchips. Many of the devices we use in our daily lives contain microchips, from computers and cellphones to cars and household electronics. The semiconductor industry utilizes optical lithography to pattern wafers for manufacturing of integrated circuits. As a global technology leader in lithography optics and equipment, ZEISS is shaping the nanoelectronics age. This way ZEISS enables the continuation of Moore‘s Law, and with that the steady progress of the semiconductor industry. ZEISS is committed to advancing the science and knowledge about lithography optics in Europe and offers development opportunities for scientists and engineers working in optics technology, as well as for STEM top talents seeking a career in nanoelectronics.

Learn key aspects of the world of advanced optics for nanoelectronics at the second ZEISS European Autumn School. The two-day event is triggered by  the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) to foster Europe’s Microelectronic Industry. This project is supported by the European Commission. It provides national funding for 27 cooperation partners from 4 European countries that initiate significant investments in semiconductor R&D and manufacturing across Europe.

This time, the European Autumn School will be fully digital. During the online event you will gain insights into the fascinating world of ZEISS’ semiconductor optics manufacturing technology. Top experts will give you a deep understanding of various fields of lithography optics. Join their webinars, connect virtually with the speakers and discuss nanoelectronics related topics with them as well as with the international group of participants.

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