HEIDENHAIN Scholarships 2024

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24th International Conference & Exhibition, 10th – 14th June 2024
University College Dublin, Ireland

Scholarships are available for students or researchers registered for Masters/PhD or equivalent courses at a recognised International Higher Education Institution.

Successful scholars are required to evidence significant potential in the field and will be provided with free registration for the conference as well as a travel bursary from euspen.

Previous HEIDENHAIN scholars at euspen’s International Conference are not permitted to apply.

Applicant Needs The Following

Applicants should email the following

The award of the scholarship is given, based on the following three documents:

  1. A submitted paper to the event, or if not submitted a report that the candidate finds is representative of how she/he reports scientific results. Preferably below 10 pages.
  2. A statement from the/a supervisor, with specific emphasis on why the scholarship should be granted to this candidate.  Letters of support for mature candidates (over the age of 40) should include a short paragraph by their Professor/supervisor explaining the ‘early stages’ of their student’s studies / start of current career.
  3. A CV based on the EU-template with particular attention to:
    • A personal statement indicating; how will I benefit from participation in the event and how will my participation benefit to the event.
    • Include a list of publication(s)
    • Include additional information which substantiates your application

Please note all three documents should be submitted with your application and your date of birth must be included on your Europass CV.  Any document(s) missing may delay your application being processed.  If you require any further information, please email info@euspen.eu.

Previous HEIDENHAIN scholars at euspen’s International Conference are not permitted to apply.

Deadline for scholarship applications: 29th February 2024

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