17th International Exhibition Area Only
Free Entry into Exhibition Area for

Non Delegates

30th May – 1st June 2017, Hannover Congress Centre, Hannover, Germany

The 5-day event boasts the largest exhibition of key players in the provision of technology solutions for the precision engineering and nanotechnology sector, allowing attendees the opportunity to discuss existing technology solutions and imminent developments that will optimise manufacturing endeavours moving forward. Our annual event, this year held in Hannover, is by far and away the largest and most influential global gathering of experts in precision and micro engineering, at this year’s event euspen we pleased to offer a free one day pass for entry into the exhibition area only, exclusively for students and local industry.

The one day pass is to the exhibitor areas only and does not provide access to the conference presentations or function areas. The one day pass will also allow individuals to view the research poster presentations which are co-located within the exhibition area.

Free entry is restricted to named persons only and individuals who would like to receive a pass please complete the form below.