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Exhibition Floor Plan

Current exhibitor floor plan

The floor plan is updated as quickly as possible.   Please note all booth requests are provisional until confirmed by euspen HQ.

Geneva is proving to be an extremely popular venue for our 22nd international conference and exhibition.   

With a filling exhibition area, our event is once again providing an excellent platform for our delegates to listen to the latest developments and capabilities offered by our exhibitors.  The conference programme for the week of high quality presentations and social events will deliver ample networking opportunities and forge generous business partnerships during your time in Geneva.

If you are interested in exhibiting please complete and return the Exhibitor Conference Form and return to info@euspen.eu.

Hilton Geneva Hotel & Conference Centre

To help you visualise the conference centre and the exhibition areas, here is a schematic of the Hilton Geneva Hotel & Conference Centre.

The exhibition area will be located in ZURICH I & II and the plenary in GENEVA II.

Exhibitor Listing

Founded in 1970, Aerotech develops and manufactures the world’s most powerful motion control and positioning systems for customers in industry, science and research.  The innovative and high-precision motion solutions meet all the critical requirements needed for today’s demanding applications.

For more information, visit www.aerotech.com

ASML is a high-tech company headquartered in the Netherlands. We manufacture complex lithography systems that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits (microchips). Every day, you use electronics that our machines help make possible. In the past three decades, we have grown from a small startup into a multinational company with over 60 locations worldwide and annual net sales of €18.6 billion in 2021.

Behind ASML’s innovations are people who think ahead. Our researchers, engineers, scientists and manufacturing specialists, as well as our high-tech hardware and software experts, all work at the edge of what’s possible.

We invest around €2.5 billion per year on R&D, meaning our teams have the freedom, support and resources to experiment, test and push the boundaries of technology. They work in close-knit, multidisciplinary teams, listening to and learning from each other.

If you are passionate about technology and want to be part of progress, visit www.asml.com/careers.

For more information, visit www.asml.com/en

attocube is the technology leader for ultra precise nanopositioning and measurement solutions, compatible with extreme environmental conditions such as ultra-high vacuum, magnetic field, as well as cryogenic to elevated operating temperatures.

For more information, visit www.attocube.com

Contour Fine Tooling celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year. It is the only Global Diamond Tool Manufacturer with manufacturing sites in USA, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan, China and Brazil. Through these sites it is able to supply tools and services with a rapid response.

Contour has been leading the way with the latest “Cutting Edge” technology (literally) and producing single point diamond tools with sub-nanometre surface finish and controlled waviness to sub 20 nanometre. This year Contour hosted at its Innovation Center, the first of many customer workshops. Covering all aspects of mold manufacturer, from tooling, material processing, plating and testing, it was a great success.

Contour’s Innovation Center offers customers the opportunity to partner in process development, trouble shooting and tool development. The Diamond Machining centre and Metrology laboratory gives Contour the unique resource to test and develop new synthetic diamonds and assess their characteristics before recommending to customers.

Even during the pandemic Contour has been working with Universities and industrial partners in the development of FIB profiled tools.

Contour’s global presence ensures both large and small companies can be supplied swiftly and is resilient against challenges such as the pandemic. Contour remained open throughout the last two years. To all its customers Contour can integrate and offer smart data to help optimise customer processes and manage inventory.

Find us at booth 10

For more information, visit www.contour-diamonds.com

Founded in 1968 at Cranfield University, Cranfield Precision is now part of the Fives group of companies. Fives is headquartered in Paris and has around 8000 employees Worldwide. We specialise in the design and development of grinding and diamond turning machines for a wide range of industries.

Our standard range of machines includes:

  • TTG350: A unique, patented machine for the grinding of spheres, aspheres and freeforms up to 350 mm diameter. A recent development of the TTG machine uses its inherent flexibility and stability to enable the economic manufacture of high and ultra precision bearings races.
  • OGM (Off axis Grinding Machine): For optical components up to 2 m diameter
  • EcoR1664: A diamond turning machine custom designed for the manufacture of ultra precision drums used in the manufacture of optical films.

In 2019, Cranfield Precision became the R&D centre for the Grinding-Ultra Precision group, which has around 800 employees.

For more information, visit www.fivesgroup.com 

Olympus Scientific Solutions is now Evident. Evident’s Industrial Solutions range from industrial microscopes and videoscopes to nondestructive testing technology and X-ray analyzers. These products are widely used for quality control, inspection, and measurement applications.

For more information, visit: www.evidentscientific.com

Etalon, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, provides system solutions for the accurate and comprehensive geometric analysis, monitoring and accuracy improvement of machine tools, measuring machines and structures.

For more information, visit www.etalonproducts.com

HEIDENHAIN develops pioneering solutions like MULTI-DOF technology that approach the limits of measurability in applications such as metrology, ultra-precise machining, advanced robotics and automation, and electronics or medical technology.

For more information, visit www.heidenhain.de

Hittech is the system supplier for high-tech equipment where you can outsource your development, assembly, parts manufacture and material development with confidence. The Group consists of 9 companies with 700 employees and a total turnover of 140MEur. Our technical competences, long experience and tight project management to coordinate all activities, make Hittech the perfect partner to manage the entire product life cycle. We continuously improve our processes and the products we make and involve our customers through Value Engineering and resulting Product Roadmaps. There is a reason why we are considered Masters in Improvement.

We are active in the following markets:

  • Medical (ISO13485 certified and FDA registered)
  • Semicon
  • Measurement & Analysis
  • Packaging

Our core competences are:

  • Development of mechatronic and optical products
  • Value Engineering, (re)design on cost and production
  • Assembly of mechatronic products
  • Precision machining of hard, soft and high-performance materials
  • Surface treatments
  • Aluminium Casting
  • High performance alloys
  • 3D printing of metals
  • Project management and systems engineering
  • Supply chain management

For more information, visit www.hittech.com/en

Hittech Systems subsidiaries: 

Hittech Multin, Hittech Prontor, Hittech Comac

Hittech Machining subsidiaries: 
Hittech Bihca, Hittech MPP, Hittech Landes, Hittech Wemac, Hittech Prontor

Hittech Materials subsidiaries:
Hittech Gieterij Nunspeet, RSP Technology

HUBER has a long history of successfully developing standard and/or customized high-precision products for X-ray and neutron scattering investigations. The company is designing and manufacturing various micro-and nano-positioning systems for laboratories, synchrotron and neutron facilities, ranging from one axis units to highly complex customized multi-axes equipment. The actual existent large portfolio can be adapted to fulfil various requirements coming from applications including vacuum, radiation and magnetic extreme environments.

For more information, visit www.xhuber.de

IBS Precision Engineering delivers world class measurement, positioning and motion systems where ultra-high precision is required. As a strategic engineering partner to the best manufacturing equipment and scientific instrument suppliers, IBS has a notable track record of proven precision solutions.

For more information, visit www.ibspe.com

JPE is an expert in the development and realization of custom high-tech systems and scientific instruments for applications where accurate positioning is involved. In ambient, vacuum and cryogenic environments.

For more information, visit www.jpe.nl

Kern Microtechnik GmbH, Eschenlohe, Germany, employs around 240 people and successfully operates in more than 30 countries. It focuses on two commercial fields: the development and manufacture of high precision machining centers and contract production of machined parts in the micro and nano domains.

Among others, Kern milling centers are used for in-house serial contract production. Therefore, the company’s mechanical engineers are perfectly equipped not only to produce high precision machines, but also to accompany their users with the necessary process know-how. Customers become technology partners and thus part of the “Kern Family”. This includes intensive consultation in terms of optimal operation and process integration from the idea to the finished part, enabling Kern users to increase their competitiveness step-by-step.

For more information, visit www.kern-microtechnik.com and watch the short video below.

Loxham Precision is a specialist manufacturer of highly integrated ultra-precision machines and motion systems.

The company employs its machine products to offer high precision manufacturing services for fluid film bearings, large/complex shape optics and micro-components.

For more information, visit www.loxhamprecision.com

Micro-Epsilon ranges the worldwide leading suppliers of sensors, systems and solutions:

  • Sensor systems for displacement, distance, position and thickness
  • 2D/3D measurement technology, laser scanners, micrometers, fiber optic sensors
  • Sensors for color recognition and color measurement
  • Infrared temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras
  • Measurement and inspection systems for metal, rubber & tire, plastics and painting

Micro-Epsilon offers the greatest variety of physical measurement techniques for displacement, distance, position, dimension, temperature and color. The networked competence centers for development and production within the group offer the flexibility to develop and manufacture tailor-made solutions. For more than 50 years, the family-run company has provided highly precise measurement technology for machine building and machine design, the automotive industry, the semiconductor and electronics industry and aircraft industry. Sales offices and branches all over the world ensure fast and reliable advice and support on site.

For more information, visit www.micro-epsilon.de 

Micro-LAM, Inc. was founded in Portage, Michigan in 2012, and offers award-winning cutting technology through a retro-fit system that equips ultra-precision diamond turning machines with a hybrid laser-diamond system to efficiently machine difficult to cut materials, such as infrared materials, ceramics and even glass. The company expanded its facility in 2017 and has grown further through strategic acquisitions. Today, Micro-LAM does business in nearly 20 countries and serves the markets of consumer electronics, mobility, military, defense and healthcare.

Three Brands, One Vision: Diamond-Turning Excellence

  • OPTIMUS Optimus T2 is a next-level, laser-assisted machining device that leverages the deterministic nature and flexibility of your existing diamond-turning machine, transforming it into a versatile platform that can fabricate complex optical surfaces made out of challenging materials.
  • 603OPTX. 603OPTX Inc. was founded in 2018 in Keene, New Hampshire, and focuses on turnkey optical component manufacturing such as mirrors and lenses used in a wide range of industries. Now part of Micro-LAM, the brand provides a full range of optical components from blanks to complete fabrication and coating, including complex precision optical components made from nonferrous materials, IR crystalline materials and polymer substrates.
  • M10 Edge. Machine operators always strive for precision, repeatability, perfection.The M10 Edge brand of diamond cutting tools helps you deliver. We provide customers with the strongest cutting edge as defined by the highest number on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

For more information, visit www.micro-lam.com

MI-Partners is development partner for high-end mechatronic systems for science and industry. Core competences are system architecture, precision mechanics, dynamics and control, electronic and embedded software development. We are specialized in ultra-fast, extremely accurate or complex positioning systems like stages, manipulators, robots and handlers.

For more information, visit www.mi-partners.nl

Moore Nanotech is supplier of an advanced range of ultra-precision machining systems which are used for diamond turning, micro milling and micro grinding of optical components; primarily for the consumer electronics, defense, aerospace, lighting, medical, and automotive sectors.

For more information, visit www.nanotechsys.com

PI (Physik Instrumente), headquartered in Karlsruhe, is the market and technology leader for high-precision positioning technology and piezo applications in the semiconductor industry, life sciences, photonics, and in industrial automation. In close cooperation with customers from all over the world and for 50 years now, PI’s specialists (approx. 1,300) have been pushing, again and again, the boundaries of what is technically possible and developing customized solutions from scratch. More than 350 granted and pending patents underline the company’s claim to innovation. PI has nine production sites and 15 sales and service offices in Europe, North America, and Asia.

For more information, visit www.pi.ws

Professional Instruments Company is the world’s precision spindle designer and manufacturer. People have been coming to us for over 75 years to solve their problems. Today we are making air bearing spindles with radial and axial error motions of less than 10 nm in production. Our well-known air bearing spindles including the Blockhead, ISO and Biconic models. Stop by our booth and discuss your spindle requirements with one of our staff.

For more information, visit www.airbearings.com

Precitech designs and manufacturers innovative ultra-precision machining solutions for turning, milling, and grinding. Its precision machines produce rotationally symmetric, asymmetric, freeform and sculpted geometries, for tolerances and finishes in the nanometer range.

For more information, visit www.precitech.com

Queensgate has over 40 years of experience providing custom and OEM solutions where precision, accuracy, and dynamic performance are required. We offer a wide range of nanopositioning products, including stages, microscope automation, piezo actuators, capacitive sensors, and software.

For more information, visit www.prior.com

According to the slogan “Precision in Measurement” SIOS Messtechnik GmbH develops and manufactures laser interferometric and other precision measuring instruments for calibration and nano metrology for the measurement of length, angle, vibration and straightness, mass, force and other measurands.

For more information, visit: www.sios-precision.com/en_US

SmarAct, for handling and positioning in the micro- & nanometer range, SmarAct’s product portfolio extends from single-stages to complex parallel kinematics, miniaturized robots & easy-to-use control systems. It is rounded off by highly developed measuring devices based on laser interferometers.

For more information, visit: www.smaract.com

SYMETRIE specializes in hexapods, parallel kinematics systems used to position an object in 6 degrees of freedom with high accuracy, resolution & stiffness.

SYMETRIE has more than 20-year experience in providing a large range of hexapods with ergonomic control software for applications in optics, space, defense, research, semiconductor & synchrotrons.

For more information, visit www.symetrie.fr

Zygo Corporation is a leading global provider of comprehensive metrology solutions, precision optics, and electro-optical design for the research. ZYGO designs and manufactures some of the world’s most advanced systems providing unmatched performance, versatility, and reliability.

For more information, visit www.zygo.de

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