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Special Interest Group Meeting: Additive Manufacturing
23rd – 25th July 2018

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Advancing Precision in Additive Manufacturing
22nd – 25th July 2018, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley, California, USA

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This 5th in the series of joint Special Interest Group meeting between ASPE and euspen on Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish in Additive Manufacturing is crucial to putting additive manufacturing onto the factory floor.  We are seeking papers in the following categories:

1. Dimensional accuracy and surface finish from additive manufacturing (AM)

  • State-of-the-art – What level of precision is achievable?…and what developments are underway?…or are needed?
  • Functional specifications for form and finish
  • Prediction & modeling of dimensional errors and surface topography
  • Developments in fabricating lattice structures with high strut integrity

2. Design for manufacturing

  • Design rules & tolerancing for additive manufacturing
  • Topology optimization in the context of AM and achieving precision
  • Novel designs for flexures or kinematic couplings

3. Characterizing the performance of AM machines

  • In situ process monitoring, e.g. melt-zone temp, powder bed
  • In-process measurement of workpiece shape and topography
  • Using artifacts to assess machine performance; round-robin testing
  • Holistic views of the control system, process feedback, correction

4. Standards

  • Certifying AM equipment capabilities
  • Industrial demands for ASTM and ISO standards

5. Integrating AM into a holistic manufacturing process

  • Cost-benefit trade-offs of using AM within a complex process chain
  • Engineered partnerships between AM & secondary finishing
  • Dealing with residual stress and heat treatment in a process flow
  • Kinematic tooling or pallets for repeatable part handling

6. Metrology

  • Surface topography measurements on rough contoured surfaces
  • Dimensional metrology of internal features using computed tomography
  • Multi-sensor approaches, data fusion, and machine learning
  • Complex form measurement, registration and fitting
  • Measurement of 3D latttice strut dimensional accuracy

The co-chairs for the joint Special Interest Group meeting between ASPE and euspen on Advancing Precision in Additive Manufacturing is John S. Taylor from University of North Carolina – Charlotte and Richard K. Leach from University of Nottingham, UK.

The organising committee for the joint Special Interest Group on Advancing Precision in Additive Manufacturing are :-

Sam Anand
University of Cincinnati

David J. Bate
Nikon Metrology

Marcin B. Bauza
Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology

Simone Carmingnato
University of Padova

Wim Dewulf
KU Leuven

Jack DiSciacca
Zygo Corporation

Christopher J. Evans
University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Pete J. Fitsos
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jason C. Fox
National Institute of Standards & Technology

Brett Griffith
Honeywell – National Security Campus

Hans N. Hansen
Technical University of Denmark

Ola L. A. Harrysson
North Carolina State University

Bradley H. Jared
Sandia National Laboratories

Wayne E. King
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Shan Lou
University of Huddersfield

Stephen J. Ludwick
Aerotech, Inc.

Robert M. Panas
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

David Bue Pedersen
Technical University of Denmark

Antonius T. Peijnenburg
VDL Enabling Technologies Group

Jun Qian
KU Leuven

Senajith Rekawa
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Kirk Rogers
GE Additive Customer Experience Center

Fred van Keulen
Delft University of Technology

Key Dates:

23rd April 2018 : Online short abstract submission deadline

21st May 2018 : Notification of presentation acceptance (oral/poster)

22nd June 2018 : Online extended abstract submission deadline

22nd June 2018 : Delegate registration

Speakers Include:

We are delighted to bring together leading expertise globally to an open forum for
focused presentations and discussions on additive manufacturing.

Precision Additive Metal Manufacturing

Ann Witvrouw
KU Leuven

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in Additive Manufacturing

Sam Anand
University of Cincinnati

State of Additive Manufacturing Standardization

Mohsen Seifi
ASTM International

On the Structural Integrity of Additive Manufacturing Parts

Nima Shamsaei
Auburn University

Metal Additive Manufacturing: From the Generation of Surfaces to their Functionality

Frederic Cabanettes
University of Lyon

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meeting all fees include networking dinner and company tour

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  • TBC Non-euspen members
  • TBC Exhibitor (table top)
  • Networking Dinner Included with Registration Fee
  • Company Tour Included with Registration Fee

All speakers and presenters must register for the conference using the appropriate delegate fee.

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We are delighted to bring together leading expertise globally to an open forum for
focused presentations and discussions on additive manufacturing.

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