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Thermal Issues
26 – 27 February 2020, Aachen, DE

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Special Interest Group Meeting: Thermal Issues
26th – 27th February 2020, Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen, Germany

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Thermal effects are regarded as a major contributor to errors on machine tools, on measuring equipment and on work pieces.
Measurement of thermal effects is becoming more important as work piece tolerances decrease, as thermal effects not only use a larger part of the tolerances, but also influence repeatability and long term stability of machine tools, and equipment.

As a consequence, several research groups and industries are working on simulation of thermal effects, in order to finally compensate thermally induced errors, or new help to develop concepts to reduce thermally induced errors.
The intensive on-going work in this area led us to bring together a further internationally-coordinated meeting and are seeking papers in the following categories:

1. Measurement of thermal influences in production equipment, process and product

  • Understanding the machines thermal behaviour and the errors on the machined workpiece follows a deep understanding and evaluation of the thermal chain of causes and the error sources
  • Equipment and methods for direct and indirect measurements

2. Modelling and model reduction techniques

  • Modelling of temperature and deformation fields: lumped-mass, structural FE, CFD
  • Reduction of  multi-physics models, reducing complexity and size
  • Thermal mode shapes (temperature and deformation): Eigen-modes, POD-modes, FRF-based modes

3. Compensation and correction of thermal effects  (e.g. Artificial Intelligent algorithms and techniques) 

  • Reducing thermal errors of machines based on control theory
  • Input data and sensor data processing, modelling techniques and actuator control
  • Implementation in machine controls and manufacturing planning

4. Design principles for thermally robust production equipment (e.g. Machine Elements, Machine Structures)

  • The enhancement of machine positioning based on high precision machine design principles. These aim to reduce either the generation of temperature gradients or the deformation sensitivity of the machine structure to them. (Characteristic examples of current research: Heat pipes, Phase-change materials, cooling systems, heat accumulators)

5. Testworkpieces and assessment 

  • Methods for evaluating thermal errors of machines by manufactured testworkpieces, design of testworkpieces, manufacturing strategies and evaluation approaches

6. Thermo-energetic design

  • Design, correction or compensation measures that satisfy the conflicting goals of reducing energy consumption and increasing accuracy and productivity in machining

7. Temperature Measurement & Control

  • Accurate and fast temperature measurement in scientific and industrial environment
  • Control algorithms, thermal actuation
  • Thermal system identical measurements (model measurements)
  • Challenges under cryogenic conditions

The local hosts and organising committee supporting euspen for this Special Interest Group meeting on Thermal Issues are :- Dr. Theo A.M. Ruijl, MI-Partners Bv, NL; Dr. Josef Mayr, ETH Zurich, CH; Prof. Christian Brecher, WZL, DE and Prof. Steffen Ihlenfeldt, TU Dresden, DE and Fraunhofer IPT, DE

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Download Flyer

Key Dates:

18th December 2019: Online abstract submission deadline

9th January 2020: Notification of presentation (oral/poster)

10th January 2020: Programme available online

Registration Fees:

Fees and information about the Thermal Issues meeting. The published fees are inclusive of the networking dinner and company tours.

  • €245.00+VAT euspen Student members
  • €395.00+VAT euspen member
  • €495.00+VAT Non-euspen members
  • €595.00+VAT Exhibitor (table top)
  • Networking Dinner Included with Registration Fee
  • Company Tour Included with Registration Fee

All speakers and presenters must register for the conference using the appropriate delegate fee.

Submit an abstract for Thermal Issues

We are delighted to bring together leading expertise globally to an open forum for
focused presentations and discussions on thermal issues.

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Announcement & Call for Abstracts

Come and join your international peers and maintain a leading edge on technology, customers, partners and suppliers. Access the greatest minds in working within the field of thermal issues  research and development. Share knowledge and information and stimulate debates.

Themes :-

  • Measurement of thermal influences in production equipment, process and product
  • Modelling and model reduction techniques
  • Compensation and correction of thermal effects
  • Design principles for thermally robust production equipment (e.g. Machine Elements, Machine Structures)
  • Test workpieces and assessment
  • Thermo-energetic design
  • Temperature Measurement & Control

Submission of abstracts

Abstracts are expected to describe original work, previously unpublished and should indicate new and significant advances and their importance. For this meeting the number of pages per abstract is flexible between half a page and up to four A4 pages long. You should use the links above to submit your abstract.

Following review of all abstracts authors will be notified of their presentation mode (poster/oral).  The final decision on acceptance of all papers is made by the Editor and Scientific Committee of the SIG meeting.

The invitation to submit an abstract does not constitute an offer to pay travel, accommodation or registration costs associated with the conference. Similarly, no speaker fee is paid to successful participants. All speakers must register for the conference and transfer registration fee. In specific cases the organising committee reserves the right to deviate from the standard procedure.

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