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Matador Conference
15-17 September, Manchester, UK

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15th – 17th September 2021

41st International MATADOR Conference on Advanced Manufacturing

The MATADOR Conference, organised every two years since 1959, is recognised as one of the longest-running and most important international events in the manufacturing field. It was designed to be a major forum for the scientific exchange of multi-disciplinary and inter-organisational aspects of production engineering and related areas. In past few years, MATADOR has been jointly organised by The University of Manchester (UoM) and various other strategic partners around the world.

The Advanced Machinery and Productivity Institute (AMPI), based in Rochdale, is established to encourage economic growth in the design, development and manufacture of advanced machinery and robotic systems encouraging industry-led projects, supporting innovation and driving up investment and productivity.

This year, AMPI and UoM are partnering to organise the 41st MATADOR Conference in Manchester from 15th – 17th September. We are expecting to engage participants from all over the world, similarly to what happened in all previous editions, strongly in the development of innovative solutions to solve Industry’s problems, contributing to a more pleasant and sustainable way of life.

The European Society for Precision Engineering & Nanotechnology – Euspen – are the delivery partner for this year’s MATADOR conference, bringing on board their extensive network of industrialists and researchers worldwide

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