Conference Focuses on Thermal Issues in Precision Engineering

|Conference Focuses on Thermal Issues in Precision Engineering|

Conference Focuses on Thermal Issues in Precision Engineering

Thermal issues have significant effects in many manufacturing scenarios, but become exacerbated and disproportionately important as the focus intensifies on precision and micro applications. Thermal issues in precision machine tools can have a great influence on machining accuracy, and thermal performance of machine tools must be improved to address this issue. This has now become

Conference Focuses on Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish in Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) continues to provoke huge discussion as it fundamentally questions preconceptions about the future of manufacturing. AM is no longer just a prototyping technology, and much of the focus today is on its transition to a viable and cost-effective direct manufacturing technology. With this transition comes an array of considerations that must be

Miniaturisation in Motion + Control Event (UK)

Discover the drivers, challenges and successes of miniaturisation in modern motion system design. This free event is being held at Renishaw Innovation Centre on September 12th, 2017.  Discover the drivers, challenges and successes of miniaturization in modern motion system design. As the world strives to reach new levels of productivity, it's not just the need for speed that is driving

Special Interest Group Meeting on Micro/Nano Manufacturing

The word “dynamic” could have been invented for the area of micro and nano manufacturing. It seems as if every day there are advances in fabricating technologies and giant strides in the sophistication of metrology and supporting technologies vital when manufacturing parts or features at such small scale. euspen (the European Society for Precision Engineering

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Announcement of 2018 International Conference

Venice to Host euspen 18th Annual  Conference & Exhibition The euspen caravans are scheduled to roll into Venice, Italy for the 18th International Conference and Exhibition to be held 4-8  June 2018.  The organisers are excited to bring this prestigious annual event to such an iconic location. Once again, the greatest industrial, research, and academic

Heidenhain Scholarships

The flagship euspen annual Conference and Exhibition is now established as the largest and most prestigious gathering of industrial and academic professionals in the precision engineering space. euspen’s philosophy is that the key to advancing the development of the precision engineering sector is to bring industry and academia together. Through the annual event an environment

Bronze ECP2 certificate awarded

Precision education at a high level: bronze certificate for Joris Looman (ASML)   Joris Looman, Lead Design Engineer Opto-Mechanics at ASML, has obtained the Bronze ECP2 certificate for courses certified in the ECP2 programme, the European certified precision engineering course programme. ECP2 is a collaboration between the European and Dutch societies for precision engineering, respectively

LAMDAMAP – Exhibiting and Sponsorship Opportunities

On the 15-16 March 2017, euspen (the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology) will be hosting the 12th International Conference and Exhibition on Laser Metrology, Coordinate Measuring Machine, and Machine Tool Performance (LAMDAMAP) at the Renishaw Innovation Centre in the U.K., looking at aspects of metrology when applied to machine tools. The LAMDAMAP event

Pushing the Limits – Structured and Freeform Surface

Read the September digital issue of Commercial Micro Manufacturing (CMM) magazine. Article by Chris Young, Micro PR and Marketing Features in this issue include Micro in the USA, Laser Processing, Freeform Surfaces and Digital Microscopy. Visit our website for more of the latest micro manufacturing news and views at


Upcoming Networking Opportunities Structured and Freeform Surfaces & LAMDAMAP Following its enormously successful annual international conference and exhibition, this year held in Nottingham, U.K. early June, euspen is pleased to announce two more events of critical interest to the precision engineering sector. Structured and Freeform Surfaces The first is a Special Interest Group on Structured

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