Special Interest Group Meeting: Additive Manufacturing



 Tuesday 10 October 2017


08:15-09:00Image result for coffee iconRegistration & Refreshments 
09:00-09:15Welcome Talk:
Dr Harald Bosse, euspen President
Dr John Taylor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
09:15-09:45Keynote 1
Latest advancements on Additive Manufacturing by Nick Jones, Renishaw plc, UK
Session 1 Design for Additive Manufacturing
Chair : Prof Hans Nørgaard Hansen, Technical University of Denmark
09:45-10:15State of the art review
The perfect match: structural optimization and additive manufacturing by Niels Aage, DTU (DK)
10:15-10:35Oral presentation 1
Controlling local overheating in topology optimization for additive manufacturing by Rajit Ranjan, Delft University of Technology, NL
10:35-11:00Image result for coffee iconCoffee & networking 
11:00-11:20Oral presentation 2
Challenges and opportunities of fibre-reinforced polymers in additive manufacturing with focus on industrial applications by Thomas Hofstaetter, DTU Mechanical Engineering, DK
11:20-11:40Oral presentation 3
Metrological design of calibration and benchmarking artefacts for an additive manufacturing system by Vicente Rivas Santos,University of Nottingham, UK
11:40-12:00Oral presentation 4
Lightweight structures for metal mirrors by Nils Heidler, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, DE
12:00-12:30Poster session & networking
12:30-13.30Image result for lunch iconLunch
13:30-14:00Keynote 2
Standards on Additive Manufacturing by Peter Woolliams, NPL (UK) 
 Session 2 Characterizing the performance of AM machines
Chair : Dr Jun Qian, KU Leuven
 14:00-14:20Oral presentation 1
Statistical process monitoring and control methods for in-situ detection and localization of defects in laser powder bed fusion by Marc Grasso, Politecnico di Milano, IT
14:20-14:40Oral presentation 2
Photogrammetry for repositioning in additive manufacturing by Henrik Aanaes, Technical University of Denmark, DK
14:40-15:00Oral presentation 3
Opto-mechanical modelling of an additive manufacturing laser scanning head including assembly defects by Kévin Godineau, ENS Paris-Saclay, FR
15:00-15:20Image result for coffee iconCoffee & networking
15:20-15:50Keynote 3
Improving quality, accuracy, surface finish and micromachining in AM by combining laser additive and laser subtractive manufacturing by Jean-Pierre Kruth, KU Leuven (BE)
Session 3 Integrating AM into holistic manufacturing processes
Chair : Dr John Taylor from University of North Carolina at Charlotte
15:50-16:10Oral presentation 1
Economic trade-offs of additive manufacturing integration in injection moulding process chain by Alessandro Charalambis, Technical University of Denmark, DK
16:10-16:30Oral presentation 2
Towards post-processing as a key process variable in the AM design chain by Bethan Smith, Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), UK
16:30-16:50Oral presentation 3
Adjustment of selective laser melting parameters as function of different geometries of metallic components to improve dimensional and surface quality by Daniel Gatões, University of Coimbra, PT
16:50-17:10Oral presentation 4
Finish machining of laser beam melted parts by Elisa Götze, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Institute of Production Science, DE
17:10-17:30Oral presentation 5
Achieving dimensional tolerances in metal additive manufacturing via numerical model based process optimization by Sankhya Mohanty, Technical University of Denmark, DK
17:35-18:00Travel to technical tours
18:00-19:00Technical tours of either 3D Systems or Materialise
19:30-21:30Image result for lunch iconDinner @ Faculty Club

Wednesday 11 October 2017


09:00-09:30Keynote 4
Challenges of full 3D measurement of AM parts applying computed tomography (CT) by Dr. Ulrich Neuschaefer-Rube, PTB, DE
Session 4 Metrology
Chair : Prof Richard Leach, University of Nottingham
09:30-10:00State of the art review
Coordinate metrology for additive manufacturing by Simone Carmignato, University of Padua, IT
10:00-10:20Oral presentation 1
Feature-based characterisation of laser powder-bed fusion surfaces by Nicola Senin, University of Nottingham, UK
10:20-10:40Oral presentation 2
Development of surface characterisation toolbox for additive manufactured components: from planar layer surfaces to freeform functional surfaces by Shan Lou, EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Advanced Metrology, University of Huddersfield, UK
10:40-11:00Oral presentation 3
SLS surfaces, Gelsight and ISO 25178 digital post-processing by Marc Vetterli, inspire ag icams, CH
11:00-11:20Image result for coffee iconCoffee break and poster session 
11:20-11:40Oral presentation 4
Investigation of complementary use of optical metrology and X-ray computed tomography for surface finish in laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing by Jason Fox, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
11:40-12:00 Oral presentation 5
Experimental investigation on the accuracy of surface topography measurements of additively manufactured parts by computed tomography by Filippo Zanini, University of Padova, IT
12:00-14:00Image result for lunch iconLunch, Coffee & Networking 
14:00-14:20Oral presentation 6
Measurement and characterisation of additively manufactured re-entrant surfaces by Andrew Townsend, University of Huddersfield, UK
14:20-14:40Oral presentation 7
True-color 3D surface metrology for additive manufacturing using interference microscopy by Jack DiSciacca, Zygo Corporation, US
14:40-15:00Oral presentation 8
Determining the dimensional accuracy limits of laser sintered PA12-parts: from artefact design to dimensional characterization by X-Ray Computed Tomography by Michele Pavan, Materialise NV, BE
15:00-15:15Closing remarks
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