euspen talent programme challenge 2023

2023 Challenge

Stage 1 – each team will be asked to develop a solution to a ‘virtual challenge’.

The challenge for 2023 is in collaboration with The LEGO Group, it focuses on the continuous calibration of 3D laser profile sensors during Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP)

Stage 2 – the top three teams from the “virtual challenge” will be invited to attend DTU to develop their virtual challenge solution into reality. A bursary will be awarded to contribute towards travel, accommodation and subsistence. A euspen scholarship will also be awarded to provide complementary access to our 2023 International Conference and Exhibition.

Stage 3 – each team is expected to present their final solution in a short video at euspen’s international conference and exhibition on precision engineering and nanotechnology. Moreover, the students from the top three teams will have the great opportunity to participate in the HR talent forum organized during the International Conference and Exhibition.

9 Teams and Pitch Presentations

Teams and Pitch presentations

We initially had 9 teams comprising of 27 students who participated in the virtual challenge.

All teams were given names relating to LEGO’s most popular sets. We had pitch presentations from all 9 teams.  The presentation can be found here.

Team 1 LEGO Millennium FalconErika Lannunzaita (IT)   Abasiodiong Jackson (UK) Alireza Mollaei Ardestani (DK) 
Team 2 LEGO Hogwarts CastleFilippo Mioli (IT) Shoichi Ui (JP) Farzad Ghadam (SE) 
Team 3 LEGO Taj Mahal Giuseppe Vecchi (IT) Ruben Valenzuela Montes (ES) Zuzanna Pamuła (PL) 
Team 4 LEGO Bernabéu Mattia Glorioso (IT) Mato Štefanac (HR) Marina Artemeva (DK) 
Team 5 LEGO World MapAlessandro Bove (IT) Yigit Ozcan (BE) Steffen Slot (DK) 
Team 6 LEGO RivendelJames Gregory (UK) Adrián Schmedling Casas (ES) Nicolai Jensen (DK) 
Team 7 LEGO Eiffel towerLydia Frumosu (UK)  Jun Ren (DK) Alex Saiciuc (DK) 
Team 8 LEGO TitanicDanish Ashraf (UK) Mulugeta Gebrekiros Berhe (BE) Marcus Brown Engsig (DK) 
Team 9 LEGO ColosseumAalim Mustafa (UK) Tomás Barbosa (SE) Luka Zvonarek (HR) 
And then there were 3

The three top teams who were going to be invited to DTU were:

Team 1 – LEGO Millennium Falcon
Team 2 – LEGO Hogwarts Castle
Team 9 – LEGO Colosseum

The Winning Team is…

The prototypes were designed and created and after much deliberations, we are thrilled to announce the winning team in 1st place was awarded to: Team LEGO Colosseum.

On behalf of euspen and its Talent Organising Committee, congratulations on this wonderful achievement.  Luka, Tomás and Aalim, you should be extremely proud of yourselves in designing and developing your concepts in this challenge.

The 2nd place award was given to LEGO Hogwarts Castle; well done to Filippo, Shoichi and Farzad.

and the team in 3rd place was LEGO Millennium Falcon; again well done to Erika, Marta and Alireza.

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National Heat Organisers

 With special thanks to the following national heat organisers:

  • Belgium – Prof. Dominiek Reynaerts & Prof Han Hatjema, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, BE
  • Croatia – Prof. Dr. Sasa Zelenika & Ervin Kamenar, University of Rijeka, HR
  • Czech Republic – Dr Otakar Horejš, Czech Technical University, CZ
  • Denmark – Prof. Hans Nørgaard Hansen & Dr Matteo Calaon, Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • France – Dr Helene Mainaud Durand, CERN, CH
  • Germany – Dr Oltmann Reimer, LFM, Bremen, DE
  • Italy – Prof. Enrico Savio & Dr Simone Carmignato, DIMEG – Università di Padova, IT
  • Poland – Prof. Adam Gaska & Prof. Adam Woźniak, Cracow University of Technology; Warsaw University of Technology
  • Spain – Prof. Jose A. Yagüe-Fabra, University of Zaragoza, ES
  • Sweden – Dr Andreas Archenti, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, SE
  • UK – Prof. Liam Blunt, University of Huddersfield, UK
  • ASPE Representatives – Brian O’Connor, Stuart Smith, Luis Aguirre, USA
  • JSPE Representatives – Prof. Satoru Takahashi, Dr Kazutoshi Katahira, JP