Model based drift compensation after sample load

Modelling;Thermal conductivity

Hybrid thermal error compensation model using mixed targeted assembly error models

Accuracy;Geometric modelling;Machine;Thermal error

Next Phase in ASML’s Digital Engineering: Modular-Swift-Precision Modelling

Digital;Finite element method (FEM);Modelling;Simulation

Characterisation of volumetric error variation with temperature

Calibration;Machine;Thermal error;Uncertainty

Challenges & Solutions for Thermal Compensation of Machine Tools

Motivation for ISO TS 230-13 – Panel Discussion

Data and mechanism fusion modeling approach for real-time prediction of spindle transient temperature field

Modelling;Spindle;Temperature;Thermal error

Thermal path optimization between cryocooler and sample

Cooling;Modelling;Resistance;Thermal conductivity

Self-standing process by using bimetallic effect of thin-film metallic glass


Fast-tool-servo diamond turning of free-form intraocular lenses from hydrophobic acrylic polymer

Manufacturing (CAM),Material,Turning,Ultra-precision

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