Hannover 2017

|Hannover 2017

Efficient Wavelet-based Discriminant Measure for Surface Defect Detection on Steel Plate

Towards a simplified Kibble balance to realise mass in the new SI

Dimensional optical metrology of deep subwavelength grating structures

Ultraprecision cutting of silicon carbide using micro milling tool of single crystalline diamond

Analysis of mould design affecting the filling behaviour of an injection moulded micro part

Performance analysis of measuring and motion devices for an ultra-precision 2D-stage

nanoimprint process for arrayed waveugide grating patterns in silicon photonics

Optimized workpiece clamping systems for automated micro production

Modelling and validation of position dependant structural deformations of a machine tool structure under gravitational loads

Magnification Dependent MPE-equation for Dimensional X-ray CT Metrology

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