Mechatronics, Control and Automation

|Mechatronics, Control and Automation

Mould-integrated mechatronic fixture for error compensation in injection overmoulding of optoelectronic devices

Microscopic behaviour of positioning mechanism driven by preloaded ball screw with external disturbance from ultraprecision turning process

T-Flex: A large range of motion fully flexure-based 6-DOF hexapod

Fixture design using reinforcement learning

Degradation monitoring of machine tool ballscrew using deep convolution neural network

P4.14 : High-precision Motion System Design by Topology Optimization Considering Additive Manufacturing

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P4.17 : A real-time control system for mirrors local slope errors using thermal actuators: design concept and performance estimation

P4.16 : Dreaming Neural Networks for Adaptive Polishing

P4.09 : Logarithmic Spiral for Referencing a Camera-Screen Micro Positioning System

P4.12 : Feedback control of a levitation actuator used in a non-contact mechatronic system

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