Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

|Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

P7.11 : Performance Evaluation of Low-Cost vibration sensors in precision manufacturing applications

P7.12 : Effect of grinding wheel safety guard thickness in the collision of a conical projectile

P7.05 : Prediction of tool breakage in small diameter drilling with acoustic emission technique

P7.06 : Development of the principle for the angle measurement using the two-track scale

P7.08 : A compact and calibratable von Hamos X-Ray Spectrometer based on two full-cylinder HAPG mosaic crystals for high energy-resolution XES and RIXS

P7.09 : Inspection of a Machined Metal Surface Adopting Scanned Contrast Image Toward Unmanned Lapping Process

P7.01 : Inner Circumference Measurement with Point Autofocus Probe

P7.03 : Foucault pendulum properties of spherical oscillators

P7.04 : Criticalities of iterative calibration procedures for indentation testing machines in the nano-range

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