Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

|Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

P7.24 : Development of a powertrain for hexapods for ultra-high vacuum environment

P7.25 : Axial calibration of an on-machine focus variation surface texture and form sensor

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P7.26 : Novel Design of a Kinematic Coupling Precision Fixture for Repeatable Multiple-Inclined Repositioning

P7.18 : Development of a compact RAMAN-spectrometer for the real-time analysis of chemical substances

P7.19 : Investigations on kinematic couplings for tool-changing interfaces in highest-precision devices

P7.20 : Real-time compensation of a 5-axis CNC milling centre thermal errors considering different spindle units

P7.15 : Influence of the Accuracy between Thin-walled Fixture and Parts in Ultra-precision Grinding

P7.16 : Analysis of vibration-based degradation of the spatial resolution of a nanometer-X-ray fluorescence analysis setup

P7.17 : Development of pressure sensor using P (VDF-TrFE) thin film

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P7.10 : Effect of oil film thickness on motion errors for closed hydrostatic guideway with four pads

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