Laser Metrology, Machine Tool, CMM & Robotic Performance (LAMDAMAP)


As a manufacturer, staying ahead of the competition with the latest advances in equipment, software and processes is essential. Machine tool makers must continuously innovate to provide their manufacturing customers more accurate and more productive equipment. Greater and greater levels of productivity must be achieved in today’s global market place; enhancements must be introduced to support ultra precision applications.

The aim of the LAMDAMAP conference series, is to present the latest technology for assessing the performance of machine tools and measuring machines. LAMDAMAP also seeks to promote collaboration between researchers, designers, machine builders and end-users. Research and developments that improve machine performance along with calibration, certification and standardization are presented in these proceedings.

Bringing together machine tool manufacturers, measurement and control specialists plus process engineers to share critical developments, LAMDAMAP provides delegates with:

Comprehensive, up-to-date know how in instrumentation, technologies and engineering for production of the most advanced products.

Lamdamap 2015 was held at the University of Huddersfield, 17-18 March 2015

Previous LAMDAMAP Events

Previous LAMDAMAP Events



  • Novel Manufacturing Technologies and Machine Tools 
  • New Developments in Measurement Techniques 
  • Performance Evaluation for Machine Tools and CMMs
  • New Developments in Process Technology 
  • Roughness and Machine Tool Standards
  • Fabrication and Metrology for Micro Components and Nano Features

International Scientific Committee

Prof. L. Blunt, University of Huddersfield, UK
Dr H. Bosse, PTB, DE
Mr D. Brown, Hexagon Metrology, UK
Prof. A. Forbes, NPL, UK
Prof. H. N. Hansen, DTU, DK
Prof. X. J. Jiang, University of Huddersfield, UK
Dr W. Knapp, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CH
Mr W. Lee, Renishaw plc., UK
Mr P. Martin, AWE, UK
Mr P. Morantz, Cranfield University, UK
Prof. A. Myers, University of Huddersfield, UK
Mr N. Orchard, Rolls Royce, UK
Dr J. Petzing, Loughborough University, UK
Prof. D. T. Pham, University of Birmingham, UK
Mr N. Prescott, Heidenhain (GB) Ltd, UK
Dr H. Schwenke, Etalon, DE
Prof. P. Shore, Cranfield University, UK
Mr S. Smith, Aerotech Ltd, UK
Dr H. Spaan, IBS Precision Engineering, NL
Mr M. Stocker, Cranfield Precision, UK